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Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust based estate plan provides instructions that will allow you to:

• Control your property while you are alive and well
• Take care of you and your loved ones in the event of disability
• Pass your property to your heirs when you want, how you wan and the way you want
• Maintain maximum flexibility during your lifetime
• Simplify administration as much as possible upon your death or disability (avoiding probate & guardianship)
• Avoid having your private matters being made public unnecessarily
• Ensure that the efforts you desire are used to save your life
• Have your property continue to benefit the survivor after one of you dies
• If married, protect your assets so that they cannot be lost as a result of remarriage after death of one of you
• Ensure that the persons you select in fact become the guardians of your minor children
• Protect your children’s or grandchildren’s inheritance from mismanagement
• Structure your children’s or grandchildren’s inheritance in such a way that it installs values and virtues
• Educate your children and grandchildren
• Reduce the risk of litigation from heirs who receive less than they think they are entitled to
• Minimize income taxes to the extent possible
• Avoid or minimize capital gain tax on the sale of assets
• Eliminate as much estate tax as possible

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