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Contracts are the most common legal documents in our everyday lives. Nearly everyone has signed contracts of various kinds, including cell phone contracts, leases, car loans, and home loans, among others. Understanding your obligations under contracts you sign can help you to avoid liability and putting your family finances at risk.

Many small businesses are asked to enter into complex commercial leases that include personal guarantees and obligations that last for many years. Without a clear understanding of those obligations, you can create serious long-term financial problems for yourself and your family. I have reviewed and commented on many commercial leases, and assisted clients in negotiating terms that were more consistent with their specific situations and needs.

Always remember that you are responsible for the terms in a written contract — even if you don’t read them. When you are asked to sign any contract, stop, read the contract, and ask questions until you are satisfied that you understand them. If there’s something that you’ve discussed during negotiations, and those terms aren’t written into the contract, insist that they be added. If you wait to do those things until after you sign — well — it will just be too late. Never be in such a rush to do a deal that you skip these important steps!

I have many years of experience reading and interpreting contracts of all different kinds — and explaining their meaning and consequences to clients. I also enjoy writing contracts and pride myself in writing in clear and understandable language.

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