Law Office of Russell M. Blood, P.C.
1309 W. South Jordan Parkway, Suite 200, South Jordan, UT 84095
(801) 263-0132

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Written Directions

General Location

Our address is 1309 W. South Jordan Parkway, South Jordan, UT  84095. Unfortunately, the number sign hasn’t been attached to the building yet. The building is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of 10600 South (also known as W. South Jordan Parkway) and 1300 West, which is 1.7 miles west of the I-15 and 10600 South Exit.

Directions to the Office Building

Our Office Building

From I-15: Exit from I-15 at 10600 South. When you exit, turn west and continue in that direction for 1.7 miles to its intersection with 1300 West. When you come to the stop light at 1300 West, stay in the right left-hand turn lane (it’s a double left-hand turn) and turn left. That turn will put you into a bicycle lane, which is ok because immediately after you complete the turn, you need to make an immediate right-hand turn. The building on your right after you turn from 1300 West is our building. If you continue just past the building, you’ll come to a parking area, where you are free to park in any available space.

Coming from the West: Travel to 10400 South, which is also known as the South Jordan Parkway), then turn east, and continue traveling east until you reach our building at the corner of 1300 West. When you see the Red Dragon Chinese Bistro on your right, you’re almost there. Just past that restaurant is the Olympus Gymnastics building, and just at the east end of that building is an entry to our parking lot. If you turn right at that entry point and then immediately left, you’re there. You can park in in any available spot. If you miss the first turn, just turn right at 1300 West (which will put you in the bicycle lane) and then immediately turn right. Continue past the building to the next parking lot entry and park in any available spot.


At the Building

Our office is on the 2nd Floor. When you enter the building from the west side, you’ll see the stairs to the second floor. You’ll also see an elevator, which you are welcome to use. When you reach the 2nd Floor, enter the reception area to your left (whether you come up the stairs or use the elevator), let the receptionist know you are there to see me, and she will let me know you are there.

If you find some part of these directions to be confusing or in need of improvement, please let me know!

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Law Office of Russell M. Blood, P.C.
1309 W. South Jordan Parkway, Suite 200, South Jordan, UT 84095
(801) 263-0132