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Client Educational Information

My membership in WealthCounsel provides me with access to WealthCounsel's website.  Included on that web site are a number of informational articles describing Estate Planning and other related topics.  To read those articles, go to or click on the links below:

Understanding Living Trusts
Ten Steps to Getting Started with Your Estate Planning
What is Estate Planning?
Why You Need an Advisory Team for Your Estate Planning?
How to Avoid Probate.
Understanding Who Should be Beneficiary of Your IRA.
Understanding Corporate Trustees.
Understanding the Duties and Responsibilities of a Trustee.
Letter to an Ex is a fictional letter written by attorney Martha J. Hartney that highlights estate planning issues divorcing spouses should address.

To read articles on additional topics, click on the following link and then click on the Learn button.  You may also click on "Education Information" in the box to the right for additional articles on estate planning topics.