Charitable Giving

Do You Need to Worry About Estate Taxes?

Posted on: November 17th, 2014
These days, estate taxes really aren't much of a concern for people who live in Utah . . . For those successful people who have been blessed with wealth in excess of the exemption amount: You have a great problem!...

Passion Investing as a Spark to Your Life

Posted on: January 21st, 2014
Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and over 50% of the Fortune 400’s The Richest People in America list have decided to give away their wealth for charitable pursuits. Of course, not many of us have that kind of money or are inclined to give away all we own....

Protecting Against Financial Fraud in Charitable Giving

Posted on: December 28th, 2013
Americans are very generous when it comes to charitable giving . . . we have to be very careful about how we make charitable contributions in order to protect our hearts and our dollars from financial fraud....
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