Preparing for Loss of the Family CEO: Tools for Implementing the Family Contingency Plan

Posted on: May 17th, 2016
I've come across a couple of tools that might be helpful to clients who are interested in implementing a Family Contingency Plan that I wanted to share:
  • Letter of Instructions to My Family:  This is a form you can use to create a long list of things that are important in your life, and that will be important to your family after you become disabled or pass away.
  • Everplans:  This is a website ( where you can create a digital estate plan that includes all of your important documents and information, which you can make available on a selective basis to your family.  There's a free basic plan and a more complete plan for a fee.  Check their website for details.
  • For storing passwords, I personally use, and recommend a program called 1Password.  As the name implies, you only have to remember 1 password to access the password vault where you can store all of your login names, passwords and lots of other information.  They have both an individual plan and a family plan that allows you to share passwords with others.
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